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Moldova cümhuriyyətinin millət vəkili xanım Aurelia Grigoriu-a AFİ tərəfindən müraciət edildi

Aurelia_GrigoriuAFİ  əməkdaşlarının hazırladığı ingiliz dilində məktubu Moldova cümhuriyyəti ombudsmanı və parlament nümayəndəsi xanım Aurelia Grigoriu-a təqdim edilib. Azərbaycan Federasionu İsveç-AFİ , Moldova cümhuriyyəti parlament nümayəndəsi xanım Aurelia Grigoriu-a yazdığı məktubda Azərbaycanın Ermənistan tərəfindən işğal olunmuş topraqlarının geri qaytarılmasına

dair etdiyi cəsur çıxışlarına görə dəstəkləyib və xanım Grigoriu-a Azərbaycan faktları haqda geniş məlumatlar veribdir. Məktubda Quzey Azərbaycanda Qarabağ konflikti və habelə Güney Azərbaycanda mövcüd siyasi və ictimai durum və orada gedən mübarizələrdən geniş bəhs edlibdir. Bu məktub ingiliz dilində hazırlanıb. Aşağıda məktubu tam olaraq oxuya bilərsiniz.

To the ombudsman, Parliamentary lawyer of The Republic of Moldova

Aurelia Grigoriu

From the Azerbaijani National Association in Sweden


Dear ombudsman Mrs Grigoriu,


We, members of AFI, which is a rather big and active organization in Europe, have followed the circumstances happened to you since the 5th of July 2013, that is after your participation and speech at the international conference on ”European Standards of Supremacy of Law and Limits of Discretion of Authorities in Council of Europe Member States” organized in Yerevan by the Constitutional Court of Armenia. We have to express our thoughts and emotions regarding the speech and your current situation not only as the Azerbaijanis but first of all as protectors of democracy, human rights and freedom of speech.


We are not only ethnically Azerbaijanis in our organization. There are also representatives of other ethnicities and nationalities in it. The primary aims of our association are to contribute to the solution of the problem of Nagorno Karabakh and the establishment of elementary human rights of Azerbaijani Turks in South Azerbaijan. The South Azerbaijan is unfortunately under the pressure of the Iranian regime after the Treaty Turkmenchay signed between the Russian Empire and Persian Empire in 1828 as the result of the Russo- Persian War (1826-1828). Azerbaijani Turks in Iran suffer the brutal oppression, segregation, discrimination and assimilation. Many Azerbaijani Turks are killed every day in Iran just because they demand their natural right to speak and use their mother tongue, Azerbaijan Turkish, and to practice their own culture. Of course, we struggle further for our strategy which is the reunion of Azerbaijan. Some of the members of AFI are the representatives of a second or third generation of immigrants, but most of the members are persons in exile because of the politics of The Islamic Republic of Iran against Azerbaijani Turks and because of the different anti-democratic circumstances in the former Soviet Azerbaijan (Northern Azerbaijan), but also from Turkey and other parts of the world. There are lawyers, scientists, politicians and representatives of different other occupations among us.


We have studied your report at the conference in Yerevan held in 3-5 July, 2013, and examined a great deal of other materials, debates, forums and comments around your speech and the consequences of it. We are very disappointed that still such kind of incredible uncivilized way of treatment of a disagreement on the particular case happens in the world, and we are deeply sorry about the unpleasant consequences of your courage and objective attempt to call the world community to respect the human rights. We admire that you spoke in the parliament of Armenia on the occupation of the Azerbaijani lands by Armenians and on the genocide of the Azerbaijani people, the question which not so many politicians dare to raise. We are very grateful to you for that, congratulate you as you succeeded to express your points despite of all interruptions and we support you. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we try to consider and analyze the issue as objectively as possible and not to allow our emotions as Azerbaijanis to influence our judgement and assessments.


The review of your written report shows that you were adequate and took up the questions which were in the frame of the theme of the conference.Respect for human Rights in the territories of “frozen conflicts”. Your report demonstrates that it has a scientific- practical character as it supposed to be, and does not carry any political intentions. You demonstrate the current state of human rights in areas of frozen conflicts. You as an ombudsman suggest being apolitical and in the perspective of the respect of human rights consider the problem of the existence of the frozen conflicts in the region, the problems of corruption, impunity, imitation of democratic processes by the powers and the problem of lack in the functioning of the legislation. You take up the concrete observed facts, the facts of violations of human rights in Georgia because of the conflict in august of 2008 and after that. You take up the fact of occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and dare call it as the aggression of Armenia which goes on more than 25 years, you state the existence of 1 million of Azerbaijani refugees and state the fact of the genocide in Khodjaly. You state that the genocide against the Azerbaijani people committed by Armenia must finally get its political and legal assessment at the international level. Then you take up the facts of violations of human rights in the Transnistrian region of Moldova. You base and confirm all your statements and arguments on the documents such as Review: The Coucil of Europe and The Rule of Law, 2008; Report on the Rule of Law  adopted by the Venice Commission, Strasbourg, 2011; Report on the observance of human rights in the countries of the Eastern Partnership, 2011; Proceedings of the international scientific conference of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova, 2012; Resolution of the General Assembly of UN 62/243; Resolutions of OSCE and so on.

We agree with you that the situation in Armenia and Azerbaijan became the biggest obstacle to the development of the South Caucasus region and integration into Europe. You are absolutely right that fulfilment and pursuant to the decisions made by a raw of international organisations as UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, would lead to the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, restoration of state sovereignty throughout the country, the return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes, the restoration of their violated rights, as well as to the formation of long-term peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the restoration of normal neighbour relations between the two peoples.

We support you in the point that the main goal must be the resolution of conflicts by peaceful means with the best possible view of the interests of the parties in dispute and only on the basis of agreed and expression of political wills, and prevent violations of fundamental rights and freedoms.

Unfortunately you had to face a real danger in Armenia, to stand out with very unacceptable conditions as you were threatened to kill you for your statements about the Armenian crimes. Of course, all disagreements must be articulated in the form of dialogues, debates, by giving objective arguments and not by the violence and barbarian attitudes at all. That proves that the Armenian politicians, diplomats and scholars are not ready to the fair perception of processes, to the normal perception of the events that occurred during the conflict.

We are sure that the world community admire your significant courage and we will support and protect you.

Best regards,

On behalf of the members of Azerbaijani Association in Sweden,

Azerbaycan Federasyonu Isveç (AFI)

The chairman: Sattar Sevigin

The spokesman: Saadat Karimi

Stockholm, Sweden, 2013-08-09

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